Coffee Experience

From: Rp 20,000.00

Coffee Experience
Description Coffee fanatics will want to know how Simalem coffee beans acquire its unique aroma and taste. Join our farm supervisor for a visit to the farm and learn how to pick the best cherries ala the famous civet cats
Degree of Difficulty Nimble feet required to explore the farm
Recommended Age 6 years & above
Duration +/- 60 minutes
Meeting Point Agro Mart Entrance
Availability Mon – Wed; 0830
Subject to harvesting period. Please enquire about this activity at reception desk upon your arrival
Note(s) Proper trek shoes are recommended;
Bring along a backpack to keep your cap and raincoat/windbreaker

Product Description

In-House Free
Visitor** Rp20,000 (1.42 USD)/

**Visitor rates exclude entrance fee chargeable depending on the mode of transport on arrival.