Pond Fishing

From: Rp 150,000.00

Pond Fishing
Description A rustic experience for those who have not tried “kampong” fishing. Armed with a bamboo fishing pole and baits, try to catch as many fishes playing hide and seek in our ponds
Degree of Difficulty Easy but be strong enough to pull up your catch
Recommended Age 6 years & above. Child 12 years and below must be accompanied by an adult
Duration 90 Minutes
Meeting Point Toba Café
Availability Mon/Tue/Thu: 0800
Mon/Tue: 0900
Mon/Wed/Thu/Sun: 1600
Note(s) Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended;
Bring cap and raincoat;
Apply insect repellant
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Product Description

In-House 50% off Visitor’s Rate
Visitor** Rp150,000 (10.91 USD)/

For In-House Guest: No charge for 1st 90 minutes and usage of fishing pole + bait. Guest may opt to keep the caught fish and get it BBQ-ed for dinner. Fish kept will be charged at Rp25,000/Kg.
For Visitor: Includes 90 minutes on location, usage of fishing pole + bait, and first 1kg of caught fish. Subsequent weight of fish caught will be charged at Rp25,000/Kg.
**Visitor rates exclude entrance fee chargeable depending on the mode of transport on arrival.