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About Taman Simalem Resort

Taman is the Indonesian word for garden or park and Simalem in the ethnic Batak Karo language means pleasant, the exuberant feeling that visitors experience once they enter the resort.

Located on the north-western hills of Lake Toba, visitors are in for a perennial treat of fresh and cool mountain air, the natural unspoilt scenery and a breath-taking view of the lake. The resort can be reached in 2.5 hours drive from Medan, the provincial capital of North Sumatera.

Within an area of more than 200ha, Taman Simalem Resort offers wide-ranging activities for visitors. It is home to Indonesia's largest Loquat farm and is also North Sumatera's largest Passion Fruit Farm. An extremely challenging 9-hole par 34 golf course is set admist coffee and tea plantations. The resort offers a wide range of accomodation from campsites to lodges with lake views and cottages in the jungle.

Taman Simalem Resort is a development in-progess and the limited facilities that are currently in operation are:

  • Flower Nursery
  • Adventure Zone
  • Riverside Place
  • Bird park
  • Handicraft Centre
  • Waterfall Lodge
  • Pangambatan Cafe
  • Management Office
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Labyrinth
  • Heli-pad
  • Karo Agrotourism Farm
  • 9-hole Gorat Ni Padang Golf Course
  • Kodon Kodon Cafe
  • Toba Cafe
  • Pearl of Lake Toba Plaza
  • Fruit & Vegetables Farming
  • Tongging Mart & Cafe
  • Amphitheater
  • Camping Ground
  • Jungle Trek
  • Tongging Lodge Dormitory 
  • Tea House
  • Horse Riding
  • One Tree Hill
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Soon visitors will be able to enjoy:
  • Pangambatan Zoopark
  • Karo Agrotourism Farm
  • Tongging Lodge & Convention and Spa
  • Merek Funland
  • Owners’ Guesthouse
  • 9-hole Gorat Ni Padang Golf Course

The development of Taman Simalem Resort will be capped with the development of members-only One Tree Hill Villa Resort and cable-car link to shore of Lake Toba.

Taman Simalem Resort is developed by PT Merek Indah Lestari, an associated company of Hotel Sibayak Internasional Berastagi, North Sumatera’s first 4-star resort, in partnership with Nexus Investment Pte Ltd, a Singapore investment company.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 February 2012 )
About Us - Did You Know?


Taman Simalem Resort lies on an unutilised grassland named Gorat Ni Padang, where cattles used to graze in the past.

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All the building materials used in this project are sourced from outside – not even a grain of sand or aggregate is taken from the river that runs throught the site.

130 hectares of jungle that surrounds the site was acquired so as to protect the national forest reserve that lies next to Taman Simalem Resort.

One Tree Hill Villa Resort is named such because of the sole pine tree that existed on the location – it will be preserved and the buildings will be designed around it.

Simalem in Batak Karo language means cool and pleasing.

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