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Test your prowess on the climbing wall and various obstacles. Designed for various levels of ability, challenge yourself on this course and then reward yourself on the 125-metre flying fox that crosses the river and spans the entire outward bound course! Great fun for team building and fearless daredevils. Your safety is our top priority. You’ll don safety equipment and always be under the watchful eyes of our trained instructors.

Outward Bound Stations

Pink and Yellow Circuits:

  • These circuits are suitable for kiddies or those trying out the obstacles for the first time. Easily completed within 30 minutes, it is a great warm up to the tougher circuits.

Black and Red Circuits:

  • These series of obstacles will definitely get your blood pumping and adrenaline on overdrive.

Other Activities

Mountain Biking:

  • For the junkie who craves more adrenaline, ride the course on your wheels instead. This is truly not for the faint of heart.


  • Experience paint the fun way while brushing up your decision making, leadership and team work.