Corporate Social Responsibilities

Organic Education

Together with our farm partners – German International Organization and Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara, KAF is set out to:

  • Educate and assist local farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices through organic farming.
  • Educate the public on the social and health benefits of choosing and consuming organic produce.


  • Regular educational workshops for local farmers to pass on technical know-how on organic farming methods.
  • Form local organic farmer grouping to facilitate seed and organic fertilizer distribution.
  • Assist local farmers to sell their organic produce under KAF brand through local supermarkets.
  • Provide routine technical inspection and assistance through visits to farmers’ farms.

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Vocational Attachment

Taman Simalem Resort partners various Agricultural Vocational High Schools in regencies of Kaban Jahe, Dairi, Simalungun, Rokan Hilir and Pekan Baru to develop human potential and provide job opportunities in service and agricultural field.

Farming in Indonesia are mostly subsistence farming. Lands are inherited and through generations, the land parcels grow smaller and smaller. Many agricultural vocational high school students dream about improving the productivity and quality of the produce of their parents’ farms.

In North Sumatera, there are hardly any commercial farms producing fresh fruits and vegetables. Even those exported fruits and vegetables are sold by local farmers to cooperatives or local wholesalers. In the past, agricultural vocational students are sent to commercial oil palm or rubber plantations. They hardly pick up relevant skills and knowledge that would help to improve on their own farm.

With 23 ha land size within Taman Simalem Resort dedicated to agricultural research, we welcome these students to our premise to learn organic farming skills and their hands-on method of application. Attachment students are selected by their respective schools and they are provided with free accommodation stay and meals. Their school fees during the attachment period, ranging from 3 – 5 months, are born by us.

Our farm supervisors provide written reports on the performance of these students and students who do well will normally receive a token of appreciation from the resort management. Some are offered permanent positions upon their graduation. This scheme started in 2011 with only 16 students attached for 4 months each. In year 2012, the number of students attached to us grew to 61 and we are looking to host similar number of students every year henceforth.