The Flower Nursery

Flowers are nature’s way of adding a dash of colour and beauty. In addition to that we also know that flowers have great healing power, not just for the body but also for the mind. Our experts have cultivated a variety of species not only to enhance the landscape around our resort, but also to remind our visitors there’s always room for some colour in their lives!

Our experts will also be very happy to tell you about the plants growing in the nursery and if inspiration grabs you, why not get a pot and nurture some beauty yourselves!

Activity & Rate
Activity In-House Guests Visitors Rate**
Landscaping In A Pot Free Rp35,000
Green Experience Free Rp35,000
Floral Arrangement Rp55,000 Rp55,000
Tree Planting Voluntary Contribution Rp200,000

Rates shown are per per session.
Some activities are reserved and complimentary to in-house guests only.
*All rates will be charged in either Indonesian Rupiah or US Dollar, depending on your choice of payment mode. This currency converter is only an estimate and provided for your convenience.
**Visitor rates exclude entrance fee chargeable depending on the mode of transport on arrival.