Samosir Island Tour

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Samosir Island Tour
Description Embark on your tour of Samosir Island – the largest island within island in the world. Pass by small farms and local markets before starting on a scenic winding road to the jetty. A 30-minute ferry transfer will take you to the shore of the island. Visit the Batak Museum and enjoy the traditional Batak cultural performance. After lunch, visit the ancient Batak Tribal Village where the guide will explain and point out the unique practices of the culture. After some souvenir shopping, it’s time to return to the resort
Degree of Difficulty Oh so relaxing and eye opening…
Recommended Age Anyone
Duration 12 Hours
Meeting Point Tongging Point or Waterfall Lodge Reception
Availability Daily 0700 to 1900
Note(s) Advanced reservation of 2 days prior to tour date is required;
Minimum 2 paying guests are required for tour to commence;
This tour is guided with English speaking staff;
Meals are NOT included in this tour. The guide will assist with food ordering but guests are to pay direct. Eateries at Samosir Island serve mainly local Indonesian dishes.

Product Description

In-House Rp750,000 (51.96 USD)/
Free for child 2 years old and below who does not occupy a seat.
Visitor** Not applicable

**Visitor rates exclude entrance fee chargeable depending on the mode of transport on arrival.