Restaurants at a Glance

Kodon Kodon Café

Sitting on the edge of a primary rainforest, this would make an ideal respite from a day’s trekking in the jungle. Kodon Kodon Café is Halal Certified by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (Indonesian Ulema Council) since 2016 and serves Halal Traditional Asian fare.

Open Daily 0900 – 1700 hours.

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Apart from the Chinese set menu cuisine it offers during the day, the Teahouse does a great hotpot in the evenings, complementing the cool weather. Teahouse offers one of the best outlook points for Lake Toba.

Open Daily 24 hours.

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Pangambatan Cafe

Bordered by a rushing stream, flower bushes and nature’s sounds, you may choose to dine indoors or alfresco here. Pangambatan Cafe offers Vegetarian International Menu Selection in a cozy relaxing atmosphere.

Open Daily 0700 – 2200 hours.

Agro Café

This would be the best place to sample the resort’s organic produce, from its teas, coffees, leafy greens and fruit. A nice place to unwind and wait for your children partaking of the farm’s various activities. Agro Café is Halal Certified by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (Indonesian Ulema Council). Healthy juices, aromatic beverages and wholesome snacks are available at Agro Café.

Open Daily 0900 – 1700 hours.

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Toba Café

Centred in the middle of the property, it is the ideal meeting point to catch up while taking in the sights of the surrounding Golf Course and Coffee/Tea Estate. Toba Café is Halal Certified by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (Indonesian Ulema Council) and serves fast food menu. The second storey multi-function hall can hold up to 150 people. Great for weddings, conventions or informal events.

Open only on Sundays and Public Holidays 1000 – 1700 hours.

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