You are on top of a mountain, with cool fresh air all around. You have spent a day connecting with nature and beautiful surrounding. Why not a round of soothing massage to make it a perfect getaway for yourself?

Our Services


Head & Shoulder or Leg & Foot Massage

First 45 minutes From Rp165,000 (11.43 USD)/
Additional 30 minutes Extension From Rp60,000 (4.16 USD)/
Additional 60 minutes Extension From Rp90,000 (6.24 USD)/


Full Body Massage

First 60 minutes From Rp250,000 (17.32 USD)/
Additional 30 minutes Extension From Rp90,000 (6.24 USD)/
Additional 60 minutes Extension From Rp150,000 (10.39 USD)/


Full Body Massage

60 minutes From Rp380,000 (26.33 USD)/

Rates are the same for both visitors or in-house guests but exclude entrance fee chargeable to visitors depending on the mode of transport on arrival.
Rates also include a complimentary cup of hot beverage of your choice (coffee, green tea, red tea or ginger tea)/ person. 


Pre-booking (Prior to Arrival)
Please contact us at, specifying number of persons, your preferred date and time and choice of service(s).

On Arrival
Please approach our Guest Services desk to book the service, or dial “01” for Waterfal Lodge Hotel & Villa Guest or “22” for Tongging Point Lodge & Hotel Guest from your room telephone.

Ayurvedic vs Traditional Indonesian Massage

Which one suits me?
It depends on what you wish to get out of the massage session. If you have tired feet/ legs from walking too much, you can go for traditional Indonesian full body or foot massage. However, if you have sore body, wants to relax and have better sleep at night, Ayurvedic massage is your best choice. Ayurvedic massage at Simalem is available only for female guests.