Morning Yoga Class at Amphitheatre by Teacher Ms Sheryl Soh from Singapore


Taught by certified yoga teachers, the complimentary yoga lessons (up to two times daily) are conducted at either outdoor on the stage of our open air amphitheater (weather permitting), against the majestic backdrop of Lake Toba or indoor Yoga Shala overlooking coffee and tea estate. Our teacher will patiently guide you through the various asana postures, helping you to relax and enjoy the process.

Our Certified Yoga Teachers

Nur Cimenci (Mar 2018)
RYT200 in Traditional Hatha Yoga from Arhanta Yoga Ashram (Netherlands)

Gayle Newbolt (Apr 2018)
TTC200 in Mysore Yoga Lineage from Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre (Goa, India)

Meagan Meredith (May 2018)
E-RYT200 in Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga from Yoga Teacher Training Centre (Rishikesh, India)

Magda Lupita (Jun 2018)
RYT500 in Hatha Yoga from Shiva Yoga Peeth (Rishikesh, India)

Yoga Retreat Program

3D/2N Retreat with Nur Cimenci

Understand how to move easily through the space, feeling the pressure of your body on the ground, exploring your centre. Together, explore the dynamic movements and inward searching of your true essence. Take this time to understand yourself better – how it works in your mind and in your body.

3D/2N Retreat with Gayle Newbolt

Explore different styles of asana, pranayama and a grounding meditation practice with a goal of developing a simple, personal self-practice. We will seek detoxification and rejuvenation through dynamic vinyasa sequences, as well asdeep relaxation through restorative hatha poses. With Gayle’s guidance, you will explore these different practices and their benefits in detail and leave empowered to incorporate them into your own daily practice.

3D/2N Retreat with Magda Lupita

Learn how to use Asanas to detox your body and support your digestive system. Find a beautiful way to get into relaxation by holding deep stretches and restorative Asanas. All classes will include Pranayama exercises and relaxation time.